SAMM Test & Automation

SAMM Test and Automation is a company focused on the developpement, innovation and manufacturing of Automatic test equipments and Assembly lines

SAMM test and Autmation serves hereby differents sectors: Automotive, Aerospace, Insutrial, Electronics, House hold and Laboratories; very strong with a specific portfolio on functional testers platforms, SAMM offers also a wide range of ICT and FCT fixtures;

Since its creation in 2013, SAMM succeded to standardise some Automation processes mainly in Automotive market and House hold such us SWS Assembly lines, smart presses or rotatif tables; Vision technologies is a part of SAMM portfolio. SAMM offer expertise to customer as complet solution packages or as an upgrade of existing systems by adding specific features such as Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Robotics or Intuitve Programming;

SAMM solution are completly developped with I4.0 technlogies, we offer to our customer a complet integration of our solution in smart factory systems;